Using the corporate IT Network as a transport medium for IP CCTV Systems can be considered to be an attractive option as very often the initial investment in infrastructure has already been made.
However, some Corporate IT Networks have not been designed or configured to handle the very high network loads often required by IP CCTV and megapixel cameras.
Legacy Corporate IT systems are typically designed to support the organisation’s core business processes and very often utilising the same network for IP CCTV and the core business process does not offer alignment of the system requirement.


Upgrading the network to accommodate IP CCTV may require an upgrade of the network switches to improve latency and the fitting of new network switches with high performance backplane throughput.
The organisation’s network security policies should be reviewed to ensure that the addition of the requirement to support CCTV surveillance systems are not compromised.

Wireless LAN

  • Wide Area Network.
    One of the greatest challenges in using the existing corporate IT network is the wired area network (WAN).
    Typically bandwidth in this part on the network can be restricted by the costs associated with rented services.
    Strategies such as recording at the edge, bonding ADSL services and deployment of self provision of WAN infrastructure can be adopted.



Network management, monitoring and security should be built into any network (LAN and WAN) design

Comfort Zone has extensive experience in advising organisations on the use of IP CCTV systems using the corporate IT network and the development of WAN infrastructure

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