Fibre LAN / WAN Radio

One of the key issues when implementing a IP based CCTV Surveillance System is the transmission system design.
The network infrastructure can comprise many offering transport mechanism that would be utilised in the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

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Typically the LAN would comprise either CAT5E or CAT6 cabling supplemented by a fibre optic cable system, which being used would depend on distance and bandwidth requirements.
The WLAN could utilise a mix of different modes of transport which would include ADSL, leased line, wireless radio, point to point MESH, multipoint to point etc., infrared laser, microwave, 3G services and self provision of fibre infrastructure.

The system design should consider network security, latency and loading to ensure that the video images are delivered to the highest quality.
Where the networks are shared with other corporate users, Quality of Service (QOS) and VLAN’s can assist in managing network activity.
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