WLAN Defence


Recorded CCTV video is considered to be personal data and the use of which is protected regulation in many countries (for example, in the United Kingdom personal data to regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998).

Other threats to the system may occur as a result of terrorist attack, criminal behaviour, vandalism, loss of power, attempts to hack the system, attacks onNetwork Security the transmission network, extreme weather conditions, changes in operational requirement, operator issues, equipment or software redundancy and system faults.
The security of the all aspects of the CCTV system should be a major consideration during the design process. A formal risk assessment should indicate the specific areas of concern, which typically can be dealt with by advanced planning:-

  • Terrorist attack, criminal behaviour and vandalism – Target hardening, tamper/attack alarms, ensuring one camera can see another, design in redundant systems.
  • Loss of power – Installation of back up supplies, mains power conditioning, (see Powerpac Systems)
  • Attempts to hack the system – Use of firewalls, routed layer 3 network design, high level network encryption.
  • Attacks on the transmission network - Advanced network monitoring (see SecureNet), if using wireless selecting frequencies not in the ISM band, physical security and attack alarms.
  • Extreme weather conditions – Design of infrastructure to allow for extremes in rainfall, environmental protections to counter extremes of temperature.
  • Changes in operational requirement – Establish close working relationship with client and system managers
    Operator issues – Training needs assessment, periodic refresher training.
  • Equipment or software redundancy – Careful equipment selection, assessment of manufacturers and software vendors to ensure awareness of system shelf life.
  • System faults – Establishment of an effective maintenance and fault response program, accurate record keeping, establish automatic system monitoring to allow anticipation of fault conditions.
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