Network MonitoringUtilising emerging technologies such as recording at the edge and analytic activated CCTV, can raise the likelihood of camera or network failure not being immediately noticeable by the CCTV operator.

To ensure that the network and the IP CCTV system is fully operational and performing to specification, system monitoring tools can be used.
Such systems are typically programmed to automatically monitor each individual component of the network and the CCTV system for health and connectivity.
Monitoring software can also provide information direct from CCTV DVRs that can essential to prove that the system is being operated in full compliance with Data Protection legislation.
Exceptions can be treated as alarms and signalled to the Control Room and/or the maintenance contractor to allow remedial action to be undertaken.

The use of this type of monitoring system also offers the additional benefit of providing a key source of baseline data to allow the generation of management statistics.
This information provides evidence regarding system uptime, reliability and network congestion, all of which can provide data to monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and value for money.

Comfort Zone can offer real time network monitoring utilising the SecureNet service

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