Network Management

One of the key requirements for the successful use of computer network infrastructure for IP CCTV surveillance systems is the management of the network.

This begins with a strategic deign plan that reflects both the initial and future needs of the system, anticipating future growth and demands resulting from advances in technology.

The network design should identify critical points of failure and include a formal risk assessment to allow contingency responses to be identified.

To ensure that the network continues to perform within design specification, regardless of changes and bandwidth demand, real time monitoring of the network allows highlighting of potential issues and confirms that service requirements are met.

  • Monitoring
    For larger or more critical systems, real time monitoring of network performance and activity can be considered to be a vital element in the support of IT Networks.
    New software monitoring systems can monitor network activity down to network interface cards (NICs), servers, switches, routers and transmission systems. 
    Access requests to the network can be logged including unauthorised attempts and attacks. Monitoring can be retained in house if staff resources are available on a 24 x 7 basis, or can be treated as an off-site service provided as part of a support contract.
  • Security
    Network security considerations should be considered a key element of the network system design and should include ongoing management of network security.
    The security policies to be applied and relevant standards compliance should be identified at the outset to establish network design. Such standards that organisations may need to comply with include various regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, BS ISO IEC 27002:2005 and the UK Government GCSX Code of Connection (CoCo) Requirements

Comfort Zone has a series of strategies that can be offered to assist with the delivery of a comprehensive network management system.

Solutions such as WLAN Defence security monitoring solution and SecureNet monitoring service assist in providing guaranteed network uptime and system reliability.


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