Video Walls

The options for display types typically used for IP CCTV systems include:

Rear Projection modules – designed for the creation of large video walls.  Very efficient DLP LED lit projection modules ranging in size from 50” to 100”. Very low energy consumption and heat generation.


LCD TFT flat panel displays

Suitable for small and medium sized control rooms and available in a number of different types differing in quality and application.


  • LCD Televisions – normally used due to budget restrictions, offer HD resolution with large bezels, warrantees are often restricted to three months for commercial use as they are not designed to be running 24 x 7.


  • Professional LCD display screens – normally designed for the electronic digital display market used in retail and transport environments. Offer long life but also with larger bezels making it not the best solution for video wall use.


  • Narrow bezel LCD screens - designed for tiled video wall applications.  As a tiled LCD solution the narrow bezel LCD is ideal for Emergency Operations Centres, traffic and surveillance centres, and utilities & process control rooms.


Front Projection

LED tiles – The latest technology is to use LED tiles, traditionally seen in outdoor displays or Out Of Home advertising to produce a control room display.  A LED pitch of 0.5mm with a tile gap of less than 1mm allows for very fine detail to be displayed.  Reliable, solid-state components that include LEDs rated at 65,000 hours to half brightness mean no lamps or consumables to replace for more than 7 years. Operator selections of three brightness modes are available to control energy consumption.

Video Walls

Building an integrated display wall allows the images from a single source to be ‘wrapped’ across multiple screens.  This can typically be seen used regularly by Broadcast Television on news, weather and current affairs programs and for security systems offers the maximum flexibility when using a video wall.

Other factor that should be considered when designing a video wall includes ergonomics, ambient lighting, display inputs and control and the ability to display the different formats of IP and megapixel cameras.

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