Display Management

There are a number of display technologies that are available for use with IP CCTV systems.

These include

  • Rear Projection screens
  • LCD TFT flat panel displays
  • Front projection systems
  • LED Tiles

Each has advantages and offer differing degrees of display mode flexibility.
A key issue is one of management and format flexibility.

With increasing camera counts it is seldom possible or desirable to permanently display views from all cameras.
The display system can be designed to allow the management to plan display schedules depending on operational needs and monitoring resources.
The ability to switch pre-defined displays by time, alarm inputs (including analytics) or operator selection can greatly improve the effectiveness of the monitoring process.



During the expected life span of the investment in display technologies, it can be assumed that camera technology will continue to develop. 
The display system should be implemented to accommodate likely changes in resolution and aspect as well as to allow integration with displays from applications such as mapping, alarms, broadcast television and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems.

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