Comfort Zone is a specialist in the solutions based approach to successfully deploying IP and megapixel based surveillance systems.

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There are two key considerations when planning such projects, these being the technical design (the ability of the systems installed to meet expectations) and operational management (the ability to set tasks and to monitor performance).


Technical Design:

Understanding the operational requirement and the end user requirements are essential to ensure that the system is designed and implemented to guarantee the equipment selected operates to standard and meet the end users expectations.
An understanding of the capabilities of the equipment available in the market today is essential to ensure that the system design is secure, fit for purpose, is fully scalable and is capable of incorporating future developments in technology.


Operational Management:

Operational management is becoming increasingly important, mainly due to the complexities of monitoring electronic security systems and the pressure to prove that the security operation successfully delivers a cost effective service for the organisation.
Comfort Zone has extensive experience in defining the operational management of complex security systems as part of defining of the initial design brief.

Considerations such as determining the outputs of the system, including meeting the requirements of the Security Agencies & the Criminal Justice System, ongoing regular training of the operating team and designing in effective and cost efficient maintenance programs.

Configured correctly the operational management system can offer integration with other electronic security systems (such as fire alarms, asset tracking, help points, access control, intruder alarms and perimeter protection systems), provide a base for offering an audit trail to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and interface with premises protection systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS) and corporate computer network monitoring.